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I started playing basketball when I was 4 years old. I think I became interested in the game because when I was a toddler in a stroller, I would watch my father’s basketball games and follow them like I knew what was going on. My very first number was 52 as I had to wait for a while to pick a number during AAU tryouts that I choose the first number when my time came. So, after that I realized how different it was as I am a person to do things uncommon, which is the reason why I have stuck with it all these years. Outside of basketball, I am a big family person as my success has come from the support of my family which is the reason why I love to spend a lot of time with them. I also love buying and collecting shoes just like some many of you all reading this lol. I guess I could call myself a sneakerhead because I have a big collection which consists of a very wide variation of different brands. Aside from that, my future are to expand the brand/phrase “finish your breakfast…” I feel like this phrase is a perfect way to exemplify my life because I believe in finishing everything that I start no matter how simple or how hard the task at hand is. It forces me to push through any obstacles that may emerge on my journey to success.